"The past is never dead. It is not even past."

William Faulkner

For over 5,000 years merchants and traders transported goods along the Silk Road, which ran from the Pacific coast of Beijing to Damascus, where goods would find there way to the ancient Phonecian seaports for distribution through the Mediterranean Sea to the rest of the known world. But these merchants didn't just transport goods; they brought with them ideas, about politics, religion, and technologies. For over 5,000 years, the Silk Road served as the conduit though which cultures in both the East and West learned of and influenced one another.

At the Silk Road Trading Company we have tried to recapture this historical journey. From Bronze Age antiquities to Post Modern art, it is our goal to allow the discriminating collector or decortor to reconnect with our past, by providing them with the opportunity to own a piece of the past. For while each of us has a distinct history, we all share the journey on which civilization first embarked thousands of years ago.

The principals of the Silk Road Trading Company have between them over a half-century of experience in the evaluation and assessment of personal estate property. Both are avid collectors and work diligently with clients, collectors, dealers and designers to meet their respective needs. We cordially invite anyone with an interest in decorative or investment-grade art to stop in sometime and get to know the friendliest gallery in San Diego.

The gallery's ribbon cutting ceremony